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Hidding Behind the Box

STRANGE BUT TRUE that the fate of every individual desiring admission into this Fraternity lies gravely in world’s most basic color combination – black and white. 

            It’s this peculiarity that, perhaps, makes Freemasonry not only eccentrically unique but – again strangely – mysterious to those outside. 

            And possibly too that such strangeness is what gives every aspirant the so-called “chill of his life” while awaiting the outcome of the balloting. 

            Every man aiming to become a Mason, regardless of his stature, is being voted for or against by members of the Lodge before he receives the First Degree of Masonry. 

            Recommendations from other Masons and paying the corresponding application fees do not guarantee an outright acceptance. Subsequent investigations will be conducted first to verify his good standing.

            Remember that Freemasonry seeks only good men!

 If the candidate gets favorable remarks from at least two of the three investigators, the balloting follows. Members shall thereby decide whether the candidate deserves to be given a “white ball” or a “black cube.” 

            With an all-white ballot the applicant is granted admission; with a black-marred vote, rejection. One black cube, in fact, is what it takes to vitiate the ballot of a hundred white balls. 

 Black-cubing (or black-balling, others say), by nature, is not actually wrong. It’s the means by which we weed out the unworthy from the good. 

            What is Masonically sinful, meanwhile, is to cast a black cube from improper or retaliatory motives.  

            Hiding behind the ballot box to exact vengeance against anybody at the expense of someone is nothing but pure cowardice, is disgraceful, and an absolute betrayal of our obligations as Masons — in the highest degree. 

            Freemasonry teaches us to spread Brotherly Love, and to treat every brother as our self; to whisper good counsel to the confused and to aid and assist a brother in distress. 

Masonry flourishes through time because of growing memberships around the world.  

Balloting must never, ever, be made as a tool for personal vendetta, or, a medium for practical jokes. 

Balloting has been part of our ancient tradition and, therefore, it must not be disrespected. 

No faithful Mason, honestly, would ever dare to do commit such a sin. Not even in his wildest dream.





  Bro. Roberto P. Aris wrote @


This is one good masonic education worth sharing in our stated meeting.


Bro Roberto P. Aris
Bagumbayan Lodge #4
Plaridel, GLP

  Bro. Robert Savellon wrote @

Due to the eagerness of one brother recommending a petitioner in the lodge, questions were always asked why the petitioner is rejected. Whatever the reason, it is up to that brother who cast the blackball to voice it out or keep it to himself. Usually a brother who cast a blackball is always misunderstood. Let us just remember that each one of us has a right to elect or reject a petitioner. Whatever is his reason no one can question him. But if a brother blackballs all the petitioner of his lodge, then that is another issue.

Robert Savellon
Maktan Lodge No. 30
Cebu City

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