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IF YOU ARE DESIRING TO BECOME A MASON, there are physical, moral, and spiritual qualifications which you must abide by and adhere to. 

As a petitioner, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • free of any previous felonious criminal convictions, and
  • be of good moral character.
  • You must also believe in a Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul.

The physical qualifications are necessary because the person must be free to make his own life decisions and be responsible for himself. The moral qualifications are self-evident for the viability of any brotherhood and the lofty ideals of our society. The spiritual qualifications support the structure of Freemasonry and affirm its consistency with the great Mystery Schools and religions of the world.


When a man has applied for Masonic membership, and his background has been THOROUGHLY investigated, the lodge members will vote by secret ballot to accept or to reject him for membership.

Masonry’s secret ballot is another of its ancient customs. It has been rather aptly said that when a petitioner is voted upon for Masonic membership, he undergoes the “Ordeal of the Secret Ballot.”

To be elected, he must receive an affirmative vote from each and every member present at that meeting.










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  mohammad M. Abbadi (@mohamadmnawer) wrote @

it is simple but necessary coinditions . but i beleive that the Masonic have to believe also in peace and love among all the peoples around the world without any considerations for race , sex, nationality and religion . every .Masonic persion shouls have to concentrate on what unite the others andbe far away from any thing it may cause a differences

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