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Pause and Take Stock

“ Masonry in action is a group of men at work seeking to overcome the spirits of selfishness and immorality.”

IN OUR MIDST we often see members of our Craft who narrowly reflect the veritable characteristics of a true Freemason. Many, in fact,  if not most, have considered themselves already as fullblooded Masons just by finishing the Third Degree. Whew!

In the technical sense, actually, they are. Anybody who was initiated, passed, and raised, can indeed be considered a Master Mason and as such may savor the rights and privileges of the esteemed members of the Craft.

In the deeper and significant sense, however, they, still, are not.

It is another big journey more daunting than the previous, but doubtlessly achievable  if one is willing to follow the Fraternity’s edicts for moral and upright existence to the least letter. The resources are countless: working tools, obligations, lectures, charges, etc. 

Take heed. The ball’s in your court.


How’s your demeanor in the lodge? Do you spread the cement of Brotherly Love, or, do you cause the dissension and discord?

In your community, do you radiate the spirit of Masonry through charity, relief and exemplary behavior, or, do you simply think that you are now above the rest?

How is your faith? Do you still find time for spiritual devotions?

Lastly, how is your relationship with your family? Are you a faithful spouse, a devoted father, a helping relative, or none of the above?

*** “So that when a person is said to be a Mason, the world may know that he is one to whom the burdened heart may pour out its sorrows; one to whom distress may prefer its suit; one whose hand is guided by justice, and whose heart is expanded by benevolence.”

Maybe now is the time for us to pause, take stock and ask ourselves whether indeed we have become better men or worse.

“I should not be so consumed with envy that I resent the achievements of others.”





  Hal Stevens wrote @

Thanks for your blog. It is very inspirational. Masons are a great group of people and we are going through a renaisssance with more and younger members joining. The entire Masonic family of organizations which have a place for men, women and young adults are doing great things and will soon become places of choice as people realize that many of the activities that replaced Masonic organizations did not teach good values, leadership skills and real teamwork with a selfless attitude.

  Bro. JG Ayala wrote @

Dear Brother,

This is a very good article. In fact, it is so good to bring up during masonic education at every lodge. Thanks for the information, well done!

Bro. JG Ayala -ThM – D.D.
South Seminole – 364
Casselberry, Fl.

  Bro. JG Ayala wrote @

My Dear Brother,

How pleasant it is to see your email in my personal email box. I’m honored to receive your comments. First, I did visit your web page and the least I can say is… OUTSTANDING!!! Please keep up the good work. Second, you and I share the same feeling regarding our beloved fraternity. Unfortunately, many of my comments have ruffled a lot of feathers and have been censored by moderators, thus, I refrained myself from further posting.
Sadly, Many members of our beloved fraternity joined for “other reasons” and not for the proper one.
One example is the urge of some members to be part of the Shriner. There’s nothing wrong with it actually; but if their motive is just to be with their “buddies” to have a “great time of drinking and getting wild,” then it’s something else.
At least here in Orlando, Florida, many Master Masons seemed to have forgotten the real purpose of what Freemasonry is really all about. There’s so much we can learn and share.
As an educator, I feel embarrassed on how little knowledge many have on Masonic procedures and the philosophical parts of our beloved fraternity. I simply hope that time will teach them. Well, thanks for taking time to read this post. Hope to hear from you soon my dear Brother — Until next time.

May The Great Architect Of The Universe Bless You & Yours Abundantly.

Bro. Joe
South Seminole # 364
Casselberry, Fl.

P.S. Are you from the Phillipines? Saw a word written in Tagalog…


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