A Masonic website of the Freemasons, by a Freemason, for the Freemasons whithersoever dispersed. "Sit Lux et Lux Fuit."

Masonic Prayer For Peace






in these troubled times.

All about us we see evidences of men

abandoning the basic Faith of their Fathers;

We see new gods placed in the temples of everyday life;

We see a discarding of the moral principles

that have proven their worth throughout the ages.

About us and everywhere

we see people living in fear,

shackled with tension

and cringing from frayed nerves.

THY children are seeking

for peace of mind and serenity of soul,

but find neither in the market place,

the palaces of pleasure, or the ways of godliness.


Grant that all men may again plant in their hearts

the Cardinal Virtues of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

May men everywhere follow the precepts of Freemasonry

and have the strength, the courage

and the strength to do THY Divine Will;

to meet upon the Level of equality,

to live by the Plumb-line of virtue,

and act always on the square.


Grant, Oh GOD,

that liberty and equal opportunity

may exist in all lands

and that the dignity of the individual

be recognized everywhere.

May the Temples of Freemasonry

throughout the world ever be open

to give unto all men the spiritual strength

to meet the vital problems of the hour,

to the betterment of all men

and the glory of Thy HOLY NAME.


Almighty Father,

Thou who understandest

our thoughts afar off,

knowest that individual Freemasons

belong to various creeds,

yet each and every one believes in THEE;

that all believe in the Fatherhood of God

and the Brotherhood of Man;

that THOU Holy Script

is the rule and guide of their conduct;

that though Masons hold various political beliefs,

yet they believe in equal treatment for all before the law,

and THOU knowest that

these fundamental beliefs make for complete Harmony.


Inspire us, therefore, Gracious Father,

to instill these gentle precepts of Freemasonry

in the hearts of all men,

so that Brotherly Love

may prevail throughout the World.

Cast the Light of THY Wisdom

on our labors in the quarries of the Craft,

that we may better shape

the stones of Faith, Hope and Charity

for the erection of that house

not made with hands, Eternal in the Heavens.






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