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Archive for April 21, 2008

Famous Men, Famous Quotes

“MY BEST AMBITION having ever aimed at the unbiased approbation of my fellow citizen, it is peculiarly pleasing to find my conduct so affectionately approved by a fraternity whose association is founded in justice and benevolence.”


“So far as I am acquainted with the principles and Doctrines of Freemasonry, I conceive it to be founded in the benevolence and to be exercised only for the good of mankind.”


George Washington




“THERE ARE GREAT TRUTHS at the foundation of Freemasonry—truths which it is its mission to teach—and which as constituting the very essence of that sublime system which gives to the venerable institution its peculiar identity as a science of morality, and it behooves every disciple diligently to ponder and inwardly digest.


Albert Pike




“WHENEVER there is a human cause, we are certain to find Freemasonry for it is the fundamental basis of all true liberal association.”


Giuseppe Garibaldi




“I WISH SOMEHOW WE could have fraternity among nations, as it is taught in America among men.  I do not mean to employ sign, grip, and password, which affords an appealing mystery to our relationship, but the insistent demands for just dealings, the respect for rights of others, and the ideals of brotherhood recited in the Golden Rule, and the righteous fellow-relationship which every man knows his God approves.  Under such a reign of fraternity cruel human warfare will never come again.”


Warren Harding, 29th President of the USA




“FREEMASONRY IS AN ORDER whose leading star is philanthropy, and whose principles inculcate an unceasing devotion to the cause of virtue and morality.”


La Fayette




“I AM CLOSING MY ADDRESS WITH A CONFESSION. Since becoming a Freemason, I forgot hate. Instead, I learned to love – to love God and my fellowman. I am now at ease with my own conscience. I only do what I think is right, and shun all evil.  I also forget fear. I can be alone no matter where I am, what I do, or where I go.

         A clean conscience makes a man brave. I hope that Freemasonry has had the same influence upon all of you, which is an assurance of a better world to live in, and a happier humanity to live with.”


General Emillio Aguinaldo, Filipino Hero and President, to the Grand Lodge of the Philippines in 1955




“OUR ORDER, for now I can say, ‘our order,’ teaches, ‘the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God’ and this is great! The world needs so desperately to discover the value of this great truth in human relationships and world affairs. It is also a truth that will motivate men and women to continue to explore avenues of service and areas of common concerns in order to restore a measure of sanity to the madness of our day and to enrich the quality of life for all peoples everywhere. Now I join hands and heart with you in all your endeavors of philanthropy and say we must not slacken our efforts ‘to do good to all,’ especially those with needs that will not be met if we fail in our common task of service to humanity.”


–  Brother Danny Thomas, world-famous entertainer & founder of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (the world’s only institution devoted solely to the study and treatment of catastrophic childhood illnesses)




“THE STUDY OF FREEMASONRY is the study of man as a candidate for a blessed eternity. It furnishes examples of holy living, and displays the conduct which is pleasing and acceptable to God. The doctrine and examples which distinguish the Order are obvious and suited to every capacity. It is impossible for the most fastidious Mason to misunderstand, however he may slight or neglect them. It is impossible for the most superficial brother to say that he is unable to comprehend the plain precepts, and the unanswerable arguments which are furnished by Freemasonry.”


–  Oliver




“THE SACRED AND INVISIBLE BOND that unites men of the most discordant opinions into one band of brothers, which gives one language to men of all nations and one altar to men of all religions, is properly, from the mysterious influence it exerts, denominated the mystic tie; and Freemasons because they alone are under its influence, or enjoy its benefits, are called brethren of the mystic tie”


–   Albert Mackey [33rd degree Mason; Secretary General of the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree Scottish Rite], ‘Encyclopedia of Freemasonry’. Vol. 2, p. 778.



(to be continued)