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Freemasonry in Peru

FREEMASONRY was first introduced into Peru about 1807, during the French invasion and several Lodges worked until the resumption of the Spanish authority and the Papal influence, in 1813, when their existence terminated.

            In 1825, when the independence of the republic, declared some years before, was completely achieved, several Scottish Rite Lodges were established, first at Lima and then at other points, by the Grand Orient of Colombia.

            A Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Rite was instituted in 1830. In 1831 an independent Grand Lodge, afterward styled the Grand Orient of Peru, was organized by the Symbolic Lodges in the republic.

            Political agitations have, from time to time, occasioned a cessation of Masonic labor, but both the Supreme Council and the Grand Orient are now in successful operation.

            The Royal Arch Degree was introduced in 1852 by the establishment of a Royal Arch Chapter at Callao, under a Warrant granted by the Supreme Chapter of Scotland.


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  Ramon Lewis Laguardia wrote @

Greetings! I will be visiting Cusco,Peru on August 24,2012 and I would like to visit a F&AM lodge there. I would appreciate it if a brother can send me a link to a lodge in Cusco.
Ramon L Laguardia

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