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Freemasonry in Mexico

MASONRY was introduced into Mexico, in the Scottish Rite, some time prior to 1810, by the civil and military officers of Spain, but the exact period of its introduction is unknown.

            The first Work Charters were granted for a Lodge at Vera Cruz in 1816, and one at Campeche in 1817, by the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, followed by a Charter for a Lodge at Vera Cruz in 1823 by the “City” Grand Lodge of New York, and one in the same city in 1824 from the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

            On February 10, 1826, five Charters were granted for Lodges in the City of Mexico by the “Country” Grand Lodge of New York, on the recommendation of Joel R. Poinsett, Past Deputy Grand Master of South Carolina, at that time the United States Minister to Mexico, who constituted the Lodges and organized them into a Grand Lodge with Jose Ignacio Esteva as Grand Master.

            The Masonic bodies, both York and Scottish Rite, however, soon degenerated into rival, political clubs, and the bitter factionalism became so strong that in 1883 the authority issued an edict suppressing all secret societies.

            The bodies met, however, secretly, and about 1834 the National Mexican Rite was organized with nine degrees copied after the Scottish Rite.

            In 1843, a Lodge was chartered at Vera Cruz and in 1845 at Mexico by the Grand Orient of France.

            In 1859, a Supreme Council 33°, with jurisdiction over the Symbolic degrees, was organized by authority of Albert Pike, and for a time the Supreme Council dominated all bodies.

            In 1865, the Grand Lodge Valle de Mexico was organized as a York Rite Grand Lodge, and worked as much until 1911, when a number of the Lodges, under the leadership of Past Grand Masters Levi and Pro, left the Grand Lodge and organized a rival body, under the obedience of the Supreme Council.



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