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“Brotherly Love”

Brotherly love has been the lesson of every major religion since recorded time. It is the easiest, and yet the most difficult of all God’s assignments to man.  Easy if we would but do it and, yet,  most difficult because we are a self-centered people forever concerned with what WE want.

By doing what we want without regard to others, we close the door to kindly considerations for others, which is the first step of Brotherly Love.

The individual who would truly exemplify Brotherly Love comes closest to heaven on earth.  He has no passion for greed, intolerance or hate. He suffers not from unhappiness, because he has no time for it. He is forever interested in doing something for someone else. It is his mission in life. He has no time to belittle others, because he fully understands that all are his brothers.

He cannot hate for long, for he knows that he alone must carry the heavy weight of hate. He cannot  disparage alone because God forever walks with him.

Yes, Brotherly Love is the easiest thing to do in the world, because it helps the giver more than the receiver. Brotherly Love is easy because it is enjoyable. It is easy to do nbecause it frees us from tension.  It is easy to do because it is the right thing to do.


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