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Fidelity to ‘Masonic Vows’ is the true gauge of a Mason

Funny how some people try to define Freemasonry in their own terms, supporting their so-called Masonic wisdoms with philosophical and biblical quotes which they cropped and fashioned to suit their sinister motives and justify their cruel acts.

What Masonry truly is and what makes us all true Masons are all embodied in our Masonic obligations, lectures, charges and Masonic codes.

Anything which contradicts them, twist their meanings or any teachings which are unincluded in our ciphers, codes and recognized Masonic books are simply fabricated Masonic nonsense aimed to serve someone’s ill motive.

How can someone proclaim that he’s a Mason, and preach about what Masonry is, when at the observance of his Masonic obligations — say respecting a brother, protecting his good name, relieving him of his distresses and soothing his afflictions — he, at that instant, fails.

The true gauge of a Mason is his fidelity to his Masonic vows.


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