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Keeping Our Lambskin Aprons Clean

Are we not taught to circumscribe our desires, to subdue our passions, to refrain from licentious acts, to square our actions, to act on the level and other systems of moral virtues?

And aren’t we as Masons, all good men turned better, supposed to heed what we’ve been taught?

Is this not the very purpose of why we joined the Freemasonry — to be an exemplary member of our society? To be virtuous, honorable and noble?

If we will say that Freemasons are but still humans, still entangled in the imperfections of his unrestricted primeval nature, then we ourselves are self-defeating the very essence why Masonry first and foremost exist.

With our unrestrained behavior and ill-mannered demeanor, we destroy the awesome edifice of Freemasonry in the eyes of those who behold us — those within and of those from without — and, in so doing, are committing the worst un-Masonic act ever: of self-defecating on that spotless lambskin girdled around our waste.


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