A Masonic website of the Freemasons, by a Freemason, for the Freemasons whithersoever dispersed. "Sit Lux et Lux Fuit."



TOO MANY sites and blogs have floated on the Internet about Freemasonry but only a few merit our precious time. There are some that facilitates communication among Freemasons from opposite parts of the globe but that’s all there is that they could offer, perhaps for now.

There is, however, a growing population of Freemasons from around the world whose interest merely outgrow the fascination of meeting fellow brethren online. 

Mostly young members whose hunger for knowledge is beyond words, they all share one common vision, and that is, to seek for further enlightenment in Masonry which possibly, at their present status or region, may be absent or just difficult to find.

I aspire to supply such need. Through careful research and unrelenting effort to service the Brethren and our Craft with the topics and information they deserve, I envision that this humble but absolutely challenging endeavor will ultimately come to a useful fruition.

As you go along the pages of this website, you will need to double click the filename of each story posted here (past or present) in order to be able to view the full content.

For the glory of God and the advancement of our ancient and honoroble Fraternity.




  JC wrote @

Great blog! Very inspirational and informative. Welcome to the world of Masonic bloggers, Kuyang Miramon. I’m looking forward to more of your excellent posts! Thank you for sharing the Light.

A Rough Ashlar

  ChilliCheeseMan wrote @

Would you please discuss how the symbolic use of the Jewish Menorah and Magen David, the occult Star of Solomon and Pyramid, and the Shriners’ Crescent and Star dangling from a Saracen sword and came into use in freemasonry if it was supposed to be adopted from Catholic and Anglican stonemasonry guilds? That explains its use of Christian and Roman symbolism, but where did the other stuff come from?
I think these are fair questions, and since we’ve all seen it, why shouldn’t you explain it for us?

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