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Archive for Brief History of Freemasonry in Alabama

Freemasonry in Alabama

On August 29, 1811, while Alabama was yet a part of Mississippi Territory, the Grand Lodge of Kentucky granted a dispensation for Madison Lodge, No. 21, in Madison County.

On August 28, 1812, a Charter was granted to this Lodge, locating it at Hunstville, and was issued the same day, and the Master was installed in Grand Lodge.

When the Territory was divided and Mississippi admitted into the Union in 1817, the Grand Lodge of Mississippi had not been organized, so that it never claimed jurisdiction outside of that State, and this Lodge remained under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky until the Grand Lodge of Alabama was formed.

The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee grandted dispensations for Lodges in Alabama, as follows:  

  • Alabama Lodge, No. 21, at Huntsville, April 6, 1818;
  • Washington Lodge at Hazel Green, in 1818;
  • Rising Virtue Lodge at Tuscaloosa, in 1819;
  • Halo Lodge at Cahawba, April 4, 1820;
  • Moulton Lodge at Moulton, May 4, 1820;
  • Franklin Lodge at Russellville, October 3, 1820;
  • Tuscumbia Lodge at Courtland, March 3, 1821; and
  • Farrar Lodge at Elyton, March 5, 1821.

Charters were granted to Alabama and Washington Lodges, October 6, 1818; to Rising Virtue Lodge, October 5, 1819, and to Moulton, October 3, 1820.

A convention to organize a Grand Lodge was held at Cahawba on June 1, 1821, and was in session for five days. The constitution, dated June 14, 1821, was published by itself; it was signed by the Grand Officers and the Representatives of 9 Lodges, viz. : Madison Lodge, Alabama Lodge at Huntsville, Alabama Lodge at Clairborne, Rising Virtue Lodge, Halo Lodge, Moulton Lodge, Russellville Lodge, U.D., Farrar Lodge, and St. Stephen’s Lodge.

Thomas W. Farrar was elected Grand Master and Thomas A. Rogers as Grand Secretary.

The Grand Chapter of Alabama was organized on June 2, 1827, at the town of Tuscaloosa, and at the same time and place a Grand Council of the Royal and Select Masters was established.

On October 27, 1860, Sir Knt. B.B. French, Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of the United States, issued his mandate for the formation of a Grand Commandery of Alabama.