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Archive for Humility


Humility is an oft misunderstood virtue. Many people think it is an unreasoning sense of inferiority, or a lack of self appreciation. In reality, humility is far from this.

It is an honest facing of facts, admitting them, and acting according to them…. The humble man lives free of all pretense and self-deception. This honesty with facts helps him to think clearly and act freely in his daily life.

When you see others honored, praised, or admired, do not yield to envy or resentment. Let facts rule your life. If they deserve honor and admiration, give it to them. If not, it is best for you to maintain a charitable silence.

So too when you are criticized, blamed or despised, do not be disturbed. Look at the truth. If you are guilty of an accusation, ask pardon and mend your ways. If you are innocent, and the matter is serious enough, patiently tryt to vindicate yourself. If the matter is slight, you will find greater peace in silence.

Do not lose your self-control in a desire to justify yourself. And do not be vindictive.

There is so much pretense in human society, so much putting on, so much posing. We like to appear better than we are, but we do not always work hard enough to become better. If we were honest, we would admit to our many faults and few virtues. We would not be afraid to practice this honest self appraisal when people point out our shortcomings or limitations.

We must lead honest and truthful lives, not expecting a return of respect or thanks for everything we do.

Let us strive to be simple, unassuming and unpretentious on a daily basis. Let us be quick to thank those who praise us, and be as quick to praise others for their good deeds.

People resent the man who seeks to raise himself above them, but no one resents the man who is little in his own eyes.

The humble man does not look for admiration. He does not put on airs and never makes other feel inferior.